Renaissance Year

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

Each year a new, ambitious list of goals

Hi, I'm Thomas. I want to get out of my comfort zone and do new things.

That's why I make a bucket list every year.

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Goal #1 – Get from ~300 followers to 20k followers on Twitter

Goal #2 – Swim inside cenotes in Mexico

Goal #3 – Go to a turkish bath in Istanbul

Goal #4 – Do not drink alcohol in 2021

Goal #5 – Get to level B1 proficiency in Spanish (and take a test to prove it)

Goal #6 – Go on a meditation retreat

Goal #7 – Swim 10 kilometers without stopping

Goal #8 – Get from 0 to 10k MRR (monthly recurring revenue)

Goal #9 – Bungee jump

Goal #10 – Do the "hot ones" challenge with friends

Goal #11 – Take a 10 minute ice bath

Goal #12 – Convince someone to go on an impromptu trip

Goal #13 – Get into an exclusive event/location wearing a costume made entirely out of duct tape

Goal #14 – Write 3 blog posts about deep learning

Goal #15 – Read 10 books

Goal #16 – Do 10 rejection therapy / embarrassment challenges

Goal #17 – Go on an adventure with my parents and/or brother

Goal #18 – Try Surströmming

Goal #19 – See the northern lights

Goal #20 – See the Great Pyramid of Giza

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